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Career Counseling & Coaching

career counseling


Allan J. Katz, LPC /MHSP CSAT IS A Certified Rehabilitation Counselor specializing in work / life issues and career counseling. He has spent the last 30 years as a marketing consultant generating creative ideas, innovative marketing approaches and down to earth strategies to help individuals and entrepreneurs balance their life and career. 

 Allan is the author of Addictive Entrepreneurship: How to Achieve Success with the Character Traits You Already Have, an essential resource for understanding the secret to balancing work and enjoying life. 

The purpose of Allan’s counseling sessions is to enhance the quality and integrity of your life around work and to eliminate those barriers which get in the way of fulfilling your goals and dreams. 

Together I will help you:  
1.  Complete Your Past  
2.  Restoring Your Integrity  
3.  Get All of Your Important Needs Met  
4.  Understand How to Set Boundaries  
5.  Raise Your Own Standards toward Excellence  
6.  Eliminate Negativity Instead of Simply Tolerating It  
7.  How to Approach Work & Life from a Good, Healthy Place  
8.  Resolve Your Key Work & Family Relationships  
9.  Develop A Support Community 
10. Re-orient Yourself around Your True Values

Counseling sessions provide the unique opportunity to workone-on-one with an expert that has been where you are now.  You will be challenged to think “out of the box” and to implement new creative methods to achieve the net results you deserve. It’s not about fixing people. It’s about taking action that will enhance your life, achieve your goals and identify new opportunities, exciting challenges and hidden treasures.  Together we can uncover your “acre of diamonds.”  

Here’s what some of my clients have to say: “Allan is a joy to work with. For years we collaborated on projects and he was always able to provide deep insight, wonderful ideas and a wealth of knowledge. I take every opportunity I can to learn from Allan. He is focused, insightful and determined in everything he does. He is a supportive enthusiastic coach and now, a good friend.”  JB, Boca Raton, FL 

 “I have worked with Allan on a number of projects over the last five years. He is bright, insightful and knowledgeable. He approaches issues with an open inquisitive mind. He has the wonderful ability of offering deeply well thought thorough solutions.” MB, Memphis, TN

 “I hold Allan Katz in very high regard. His outstanding character and work ethic are second to none.I have always found him to be smart, personable and a man of his word. You can trust him to get the job done and to do it correctly.” 
FB, Germantown, TN 

  “Having worked with Allan for over a year to help him create and publish his book, "Addictive Entrepreneurship" I came to know him as a wonderful, caring, and humorous friend and colleague. He has genuine concern for helping others, as well as a humble and loving way of being in the world. I highly recommend his book, and even more so working with him.”

MJ, Portland, OR   “Allan is a great coach who is experienced, caring, and intuitive. Alan is also very empathetic,teachable, and concerned about the clients he works with.” GC, Nashville, TN    “I have been involved on projects with various companies throughout the20 years in my current business... and I can say that Allan and his firm combine all of the best elements that represent the level of professionalism I insist upon. Among those qualities are good communication, openness to new ideas, a focus on getting projects completed on time, and outstanding business ethics.”  JB, Memphis, TN

One month - 4 sessions; $75 per session

Sign up and pay upfront for 3 months and you'll get 14 sessions for the price of 12


Put Allan's 30+ years of entrepreneurial and coaching experience to work for you today.  Allan brings just the right balance of competence and empathy to his work.  He is a proven problem solver and creative innovator who has shown hundreds of businesses and individuals how to reach their potential for personal health and growth. He is licensed in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi.


Now you can have a personalized and professional response to a burning question, sent directly from Allan's desk within 8-24 hours for $30.00.  Allan is available now for email consultation.  Simply email him at [email protected] and he will answer your question after you've paid the fee via PayPal.  The fee covers one question.

For more information or to set up an initial NO-OBLIGATION phone consultation, call 901-248-6001.

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