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Books And CDs

I will be adding a number of books and CDs that my clients find useful. If you would like to purchase one or more of these, just order below.

Addictive Entrepreneurship by Allan J. Katz, LPC/CSAT

The Thirteen Steps to Freedom from Work/Life Issues

Addictive Entrepreneurship shows you 13 in depth ways to balance your work and life, removing the shackles of procrastinatgion, perfectionism and obsession to build a life worth living.  The wisdom in this book provides you a realistic elixir journey, exploring whqt it takes mentally, emotionally and spiritually to succeed as an entrepreneur today.  It paints life's business lessions with a broad stroke of humor, courage, persistence, creativity and honesty. 

Ebook: $4.95         


Soft Cover  $19.95    

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