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Attachment and Addiction

Many of us wonder, "how did I end up with an addiction?" One of the reasons is rooted in what we call attachment theory.  Addiction is misguided attachment, when our need for attachment to a parent or role model goes unmet, we attach to other people who can meet our needs or we end up fantasizing that some pixels on a screen or a stranger can fulfill all our desires. 

Addiction Recovery: Mindfulness vs. Distraction

The idea of being mindful is centuries old and just now coming into the mainstream of modern psychology as a tool to calm the mind and help regulate emotional turmoil.  Our lives are filled with distractions so that living in the now is a difficult task indeed. Add to that the scourge of addiction, depression and anxiety and it seems an impossible task.  How can I be mindful of the present when my mind is racing with hundreds of thoughts, my past, sometimes traumatic events, and the fear of what the future will bring?


Depression is anger turned inward. You seem angry at people who say they are weak. Yet, you're beating yourself up and they're still sober, weak or strong. Don't judge your recovery comparing yourself to others. Comparing is deadly. He is not you. He didn't have the same upbringing, history,

Fighting Addiction Versus Letting Go

It's not your body you have to control, it's your mind. Switch your thinking and your body will heal. You can only have one thought in your mind at a time. Use your mind for a change!!!!! The key to recovery from addiction and gaining serenity is to live in the moment, just for today, just for the hour, just for the minute.

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